Thursday , 13 August 2020

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Cảm biến trọng lượng DBSL-5t

Cảm biến trọng lượng DBSL-5t Thông số kỹ thuật loadcell Transcell DBSL-5t: Rated Output 3.0mV/V ±0.25% Zero Balance ±1% of rated output Creep after 30 minutes ±0.03% of rated output Nonlinearity ±0.03% of rated output Hysteresis ±0.03% of rated output Repeatability ±0.03% of rated output Temp. effect on output ≤0.002% …

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Cảm biến loadcell DBSL-3t

Cảm biến loadcell DBSL-3t OTD Automation hiện nay phân phối các sản phẩm cảm biến loadcell Transcell Loadcell DBSL-1T 1T Loadcell DBSL-2T 2T Loadcell DBSL-3T 3T Loadcell DBSL-5T 5T Loadcell DBSL-10T 10T Loadcell DBSL-15T 15T Loadcell DBSL-20T 20T Loadcell DBSL-30T 30T Loadcell DBSL-200T 200T  

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