Wednesday , 16 October 2019

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Cảm biến PW6DC3MR

Cảm biến PW6DC3MR Thông số kỹ thuật loadcell HBM PW6DC3MR: 1-PW10AC3/100KG-1 1-PW10AC3/150KG-1 1-PW10AC3/200KG-1 1-PW10AC3/250KG-1

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Cảm biến trọng lượng DBSL-5t

Cảm biến trọng lượng DBSL-5t Thông số kỹ thuật loadcell Transcell DBSL-5t: Rated Output 3.0mV/V ±0.25% Zero Balance ±1% of rated output Creep after 30 minutes ±0.03% of rated output Nonlinearity ±0.03% of rated output Hysteresis ±0.03% of rated output Repeatability ±0.03% of rated output Temp. effect on output ≤0.002% …

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Nhà phân phối Transcell

Nhà phân phối Transcell OTD Automation hiện nay phân phối cảm biến loadcell Transcell tại Việt Nam Transcell Digital Scales Balances Counting Scales Floor Scales Portable Scales Postal Scales Shipping Scales Wireless Transcell Load Cells Strain Gage S-BEAMS DOUBLE-ENDED BEAMS SINGLE POINTS Bending Beams Canisters (Tension) Pancake (Compression) Transcell Process …

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