Thursday , 13 August 2020

Nhà phân phối Laumas

Nhà phân phối Laumas

OTD Automation hiện nay là nhà phân phối các sản phẩm Laumas tại Việt Nam

  • Load cells and Mounting kits
  • Scales, Modules & Weighing platforms
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Supervisory software
  • Accessories & Wiring
  • ATEX-IECEx – Products for explosive atmospheres
  • Promotional Offer

Các sản phẩm cảm biến loadcell Laumas:

  • Load cells Single point
  • Load cells Compression
  • Load cells Tension
  • Load cells Tension & Compres
  • Mounting Kits for load cells
  • Load cells Shear beam
  • Load cells Double shear beam
  • Load cells Bending beam
  • Load cells Column
  • Load cells Pin
  • Load cells for foot brake
  • Load cells Anchor
  • Load cells Pre-amplified
  • Load cells for wire rope measuring
  • Load cells Custom
  • Level measurements False cells
  • Level measurements

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